TEMPTION only makes exclusive contemporary watches. Our designs draw on WabiSabi and Bauhaus because that is the only way to make watches that will last for decades. "Retro", imitation or fashion design has no place in our thinking. Our aim is to create watches with originality and timeless style.

TEMPTION designs for:
- The functional clarity of the watch face: to instantly convey its information
- Optimised ergonomics
- Strong casings with high water resistance
- Design simplicity, "less is more" produces lasting style
- Intensely luminous hands and indexes.

A particular aspect of TEMPTION design is the unobtrusive logo on the dial always gloss on matt and the same colour as the dial. This is done deliberately so that the eye catches the hands, not the logo.

"The master's son raked the pebbles around the rocks clean and even, but the master took a twig and shook it. Several leaves dropped between the pebbles.
He told his son: reduce everything to only what is absolutely necessary but do not remove the warmth and poetry. Keep things simple and reduce them to the basics, but do not let them become sterile."
(Rikyu/Japan 1522 - 1591 AD: Founder of WabiSabi)